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We draw on our extensive experience. Our focus is to remain fully informed of changes in the law and societal perceptions and expectations. We always seek the best strategy to maximize the effectiveness of our work in an ever-changing environment. Here are three examples of cases we have won.
  1. State v. Randolph. Criminal-search and seizure law. Appealed successfully to Georgia Court of Appeals, Georgia Supreme Court, and U.S. Supreme Court. W.T.Gamble III was awarded Coty Award from the Georgia Defense Bar as the most significant criminal law victory in the state for the 2005 year. Established new parameters for warrantless searches and the case against the client was dismissed.  
  2. Collier and Gamble lead counsel for Circle One Global, agricultural start -up company, negotiated buy-out by multi- national corporation for 38.5 million plus annual royalties.
  3. Beaver v. Lee County. Represented family of 18-year old son wrongfully shot and killed by Lee county sheriff’s deputy. Significant confidential settlement, deputy fired, Sheriff defeated in next election due to fall-out from case.
  4. Since 2010 Collier and Gamble has received awards of over $5 million in medical malpractice claims including:
    1. Large 6 figure settlement against major SWGa Hospital for misdiagnosing blood test resulting in death of 60 year old man.
    2. High six figure settlement against Hospital for failure to treat intestinal blockage resulting in death of 78 year old man.
    3. Large six figure settlement for death of 12 year old child, wrongly diagnosed with non fatal ailment, against Pediatrician and hospital.
    4. 7 figure settlement for death of newborn, failure to perform cesarean against hospital.
    5. High 6 figure settlement for death of 55 year old man in an elective surgery against anesthesiologist.
The best way to learn how we can help you is to make that first call. We are always available to discuss your case and advise you of your rights. Please contact us if you have any legal questions, or if you want to set up a consultation.
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